We spent the rest of Thursday relaxing back at the HATC. Cat gave her STRIVE talk on the prevalence of energy deficiency syndrome and its dangers. We then enjoyed our first dinner with STRIVE leader Kriz, who traveled all the way from New Zealand to join the Kenya Krew!

On Friday, we were fortunate enough to receive a tour of St. Patrick’s School from an alumnus named Felix, who now attends Williams College. This school for boys is one of the better national secondary schools in Kenya and has produced numerous world champions, politicians, and other influential Kenyans. Later, we returned to Kiptabus for a short visit to apply the second layer of paint for the main portion of the primary school classroom. Then, the interns convinced the Hotchkiss group to attend strength class at the HATC. This time, Timo led class and (literally) whipped us into shape. Dinner was especially interesting as the group went to Kerio View restaurant, where we ate with Brother Colm. He has coached seven Olympic medalists and 35 world champions, so he had many great stories to tell.

Saturday morning, the Hotchkiss group explored the nearby giraffe park. The interns had a relaxing day at the HATC, taking power naps and lounging by the pool. When they got back, the Hotchkiss students prepared talks on American culture and universities that they will deliver once they arrive to Mpesa School in Nairobi. Fran delivered her STRIVE talk on how to properly cope with injuries and we finished the night with several rounds of mafia.

On Sunday, the interns reviewed summer training plans and goals for the upcoming cross-country season with the Hotchkiss group. After lunch, we returned to Kiptabus for the last time to paint the primary school room. There was a lot of cement stuck to the windows that we intend on painting green, so we spent lots of time cleaning up the windows. Finally, we capped the day off with the weekly long run before saying goodbye to the Hotchkiss group.

Hotchkiss left this morning at 5am and we are bummed out that they are gone but excited for them to go on safari! This week, the STRIVE group will remain at the HATC to train, continue our service projects at Kiptabus and Kamariny, and learn about Kenyan culture. We eagerly await the next group of STRIVE high schoolers, who arrive on Tuesday!

-Colin, Fran, Cam, and Cat #KenyaKrew