Weekly Summary – 93 miles in 13 runs. The last (hopefully) whirlwind week as we arrived in Quito (at 9,300 ft!) on Monday night and spent the week house-hunting in addition to getting used to the thin air. Got in a decent workout on Monday and then some solid volume in the middle of the week as I got used to the altitude. Hopefully next week will bring a real routine!

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Lunes, 8 de Enero, 2018 – Sparknotes: 13km fartlek in 41’31 (3’11.6/km avg) on treadmill w/ 10x [3’ @ 3’12->3’00. 1’ @ 3’45].

7:30am: Ran early before long travel day to Quito! On the treadmill to do some quicker running. 3km warmup in 13’ (8’00/M -> 5’50/M), drills, 1km of strides and 200m in 32.x. Ran fartlek of 13km with sections of 3’ on, 1’ off, 1.5% incline. Did all the pacing manually, so easy to control. Started out with the first rep at 3’12/km and the “off” reps at 3’45/km. Increased the pace each “on” rep something like 3’12, 3’08, 3’07, 3’06, 3’05, 3’04, 3’03, 3’02, 3’01, 3’00->2’50 on the last rep which was like 1.8km to round up to 13K. Very good effort – felt MUCH better than Friday’s run. HR was good and over 170 for the last 30 minutes (over 175 for the last 20 minutes). Last rep felt really good bringing the pace down under 3’00 pace. Quite a nice little session overall, especially given how crazy the last week or so has been. Also worth noting that didn’t have a fan so it was quite warm in there.

Total for the workout was 13km in 41’31 (3’11.6/km avg).

Didn’t have time for a cooldown, so just hydrated and stretched and then packed up and headed to the airport.

Total run 17km in 57’.

3’00.0 (3’00.0) 159
4’00.0 (1’00.0) 167
7’00.0 (3’00.0) 174
8’00.0 (1’00.0) 169
11’00.0 (3’00.0) 174
12’00.0 (1’00.0) 173
15’00.0 (3’00.0) 175
16’00.0 (1’00.0) 173
19’00.0 (3’00.0) 176
20’00.0 (1’00.0) 175
23’00.0 (3’00.0) 177
24’00.0 (1’00.0) 176
27’00.0 (3’00.0) 178
28’00.0 (1’00.0) 176
31’00.0 (3’00.0) 178
32’00.0 (1’00.0) 176
35’00.0 (3’00.0) 179
36’00.0 (1’00.0) 176
41’31.0 (5’31.0) 181

6:15pm: Ran in the terminal at FLL airport. Smooth travels so far with RP. Not a bad airport to run in as there is a long connecting corredor between E and F gates, about 2-3’ running each way. Felt good and running a decent clip by the end. Limited by time as usual. Total run 4.5km in 20’.

Martes, 9 de Enero, 2018 – 12pm: Welcome to paradise! Made it to Quito last night, landed around 1am and was at Greg’s by 3am (through customs, even with the cat, which was super easy). In bed by 3:30am and slept until 11am. Headed out and ran around the carolina. Beautiful day, a bit cloudy but patches of sun as well. So pleasant after being in BOS/DC. Ran 4 big laps of the Carolina (3.7k) in 17’24, 16’50, 16’45, 16’26 and then half lap over to the track to finish up. Did 8x strides ~120m and then 200m in 35.x. Felt good but pretty tired by the end. Altitude didn’t feel too bad except extra rest needed after the strides (standing/walking vs. jogging). Jogged home 2km to round up. Total run 20km in 1h29.

5:45pm: Easy shakeout around Carolina, 2 big laps (17’54, 16’52) and then to track. 3x strides and 200m in 39.x on the bike path. Ran into a dude I recognized who recognized me but know I can’t remember his name. Ran with him easy for a bit on lap 1. Managed to just finish up before dark but the park is pretty well lit so no biggie especially for strides on the track. Total run 10k in 46’.

Miercoles, 10 de Enero, 2018 – 8:45am: Ran later than planned so shorter due to time constraints with lots of housing visits today. Ran 1 lap of carolina very easy with Mariana (19’30) and then solo 2 more (17’24, 16’51). Finished with 3x strides on bike path because I was tight for time. Total run 13km in 62’.

XT: Tons of walking around downtown today to see like 100 apartments. Very tired. Seriously on my feet for like 6 hours beyond running.

6:15pm: Easy run around Carolina, 1 big lap (17’32) and then to the track for strides (4x) and then easy to pick up dinner on the way home. Total run 6km+ in 28’.

Jueves, 11 de Enero, 2018 – 10am: Ran later after sleeping in a bit and trying to sort out some housing stuff this AM. From Greg’s up Eloy Alfaro to the Parque Metropolitano. Beautiful day with sun and mostly clear skies, quite warm. Very tough going up to the park as it’s 150m uphill and some of it quite steep but then lovely up there. Nice clear views of Cayambe. Managed not to get super lost and (maybe for the first time ever) came out at the same spot I entered. About 1 hour back to Greg’s (where I averaged around 5’00/km for quite good effort) and then ran down to Carolina and 1 big lap stopping at the track for strides. Did 6x and then 200m in 35.x relaxed. Jogged home. Total run 19km+ in 1h29.

5:30pm: Ran later after more house-hunting again. Around the park, 2 big laps (17’06, 16’10) and a half to the track. 6x strides and then jogged home. Total run 12km in 53’.

Viernes, 12 de Enero, 2018 – 10am: Ran later again to Carolina and 4.5 big laps (17’04, 16’39, 16’38, 16’18). Felt quite good. Did 10x strides on the track which felt great and then 200m relaxed in 33.x. Easy run around the park and back to Greg’s to round up. Total run 20km in 1h29.

PM: OFF – Thought I’d have time to run but we signed our lease and moved into the new place which of course took way longer than I’d expected.

Sabado, 13 de Enero, 2018 – 9:30am: Jogged down to Inaquito market with Mariana to do some shopping. Planned to do longer run but wasn’t feeling great. Total run 3km-.
5pm: Ran with Greg very easy around Metropolitano. Good talks and good company. Came back here and then ran down to Carolina and ran solo 1 big lap (16’42) and then 4x strides as it was dark and I was pretty tired. Jogged home (to our lovely new spot) which now includes a giant 300m+ long hill to get home. Took 1’58 to get from the cross walk at the bottom to the manhole at the top. Will be interesting to see if I can get that down a bit! Total run 10km++ in 53’.

Domingo, 14 de Enero, 2018 – 8am: Long hike/jog up and around Fuya Fuya. Left around 6:30am and drove with Greg, Laura, Paul, and Mariana. Weather wasn’t great and we got totally soaked and the trail was super muddy in places but still a good time by all. About 5hrs round trip with some longer stops at the summit for lunch and going up to wait for folks. Total run 13km+.

6pm: Easy run on tm because it was dark and pouring. Machine seemed to bother my left achilles a lot which is odd as it hasn’t acted up in a while. Stopped at 8km in 36’.