Weekly Summary – 85 Miles in 12 runs. Great recovery from Broad St. last weekend and two very good workouts. Legs are feeling great with the big drop in mileage. Two more races to go and then it’s time for a break!

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Lunes, 2 de Mayo, 2016 – 10am: Slept well, legs only mildly sore. Ran easy later after strive call. Alexandria loop. Nice morning. Legs felt pretty decent by the end. Didn’t time it but it wasn’t quick. Total run 9M, NT.

XT: Back/Hips

XT: Massage from Jeff Brannigan

4pm: Easy shakeout around CC. Beautiful day – in the 80s! Finished with 5x barefoot strides which felt very good. Ethio cooldown. Total run 3M++.

Martes, 3 de Mayo, 2016 – 9am: Longer single this morning. Ran on Matt’s loop with 1M on towpath. Felt great, running easy out the door ~4’20 and then most around 4’00 on the way out and 3’40s on the way back. A few families of geese with very fluffy chicks on the towpath. Super adorable. Mama and papa weren’t as pleased to see me, though, and gave them a wide birth. Finished with loop around CC with 5x strides. Total run 13M+ in 1h23.

XT: Back/hips

PM: OFF – no running, just XT. Taper-time!

XT: Hips.

Miercoles, 4 de Mayo, 2016 – Sparknotes: 8km progression run in 25’10 from 3’16->2’59, last 5km 15’20.

9am: Warmed up easy on Costco loop, nice cool morning in the 50s. Where is all this tropical heat I remember from last spring??

Goal was a very light workout today, just enough to test out the legs and see how they’d respond before one last more moderate workout this weekend.

Did 5km easy and then drills, a few strides, and 200m in about 36. Ran on wheeled 1km loop.

Ran comfortable for first few km around 3’15/km and then accelerated after 3km until running 3’05-3’10ish. Picked it up every lap and each one as quicker until 7km. Ran the last 500m a bit harder but definitely not “kicking” by any means. Finished in 2’58 and felt very good. Total as 25’10 for 8km, last 5km was 15’20 and last 3km was 9’06.

Legs felt pretty much fine right after. Jogged easy 1M back home to the gym and was running under 4’20/km easy. Finished with legs circuits, ethio cooldown.

Total run 10M.

1 km 3’16.9 (3’16.9)
2 km 6’32.5 (3’15.6)
3 km 9’46.9 (3’14.4)
4 km 12’57.6 (3’10.7)
5 km 16’03.8 (3’06.2)
6 km 19’07.7 (3’03.9)
7 km 22’12.1 (3’04.4)
8 km 25’10.5 (2’58.4)

XT: Legs at the gym, 3 sets, no weight.

5pm: Ran back from DC after doing some banking with Mariana. Very nice day still and nice to have company from her on the bike on the way home. Not too bad getting out of the city and then felt really good once we got on the bridge and bike path. Running way quicker than I thought ~3’30-40 with very little effort – wow! Actively holding back at the end as I didn’t want to overdo it. Still great to feel this fresh! Total run 5M in 31’.

PS – Happy 26th birthday to me.

Jueves, 5 de Mayo, 2016 – 10am: Ran a bit later after helping out with Mar who was sick last night. Legs felt very good again right out the door and was running 4’0x with very little effort. Very surprised again by this – pleasantly so. 10km on CC lop in about 41’ and then 1M barefoot with 6x strides to finish. Ethio Cooldown. Total run 7M.

XT: Back/hips, no weight.

4pm: Easy shakeout around CC and fields. Finished at Costco and walked home. Ethio cooldown. Total run 3M+.

XT: Hips.

Viernes, 6 de Mayo, 2016 – Sparknotes: 10km progression run in 30’56 (split 15’45/15’11), then 4x1000m in 3’01->2’57 with 200m jog rest in 55-60sec.

9am: Last real workout of the season today! Just tune-ups and races from hereon out. Goal was a moderate workout: 8-10km progression run starting slower than race pace and finishing faster and then 5x1km at a bit faster than race pace (3’00-05).

Miserable day – 50F and raining and windy. Warmed up 5km on costco loop and then did drills, strides, 200m in 35. Did the whole workout on the 1km wheeled loop for consistency. Ran in custom Clifton flats which I haven’t run in in a while (the very light, blue ones).

Prog felt very good. Started out relaxed around 3’15 – similar to Wednesday – and accelerated gradually to about 3’07-09. Passed 5km in 16’00. Felt a bit tired at 6km as shoes were getting very heavy I think. Forced increase in cadence and ran a bit faster (6’12 from 6-8km), and then ran the last 2km a bit quicker (3’04, 3’00). That last one felt pretty hard.

Took about 5 minutes standing/jogging and then was starting to cool off so just went into the 1000s (on the same loop). First one felt so long. Legs definitely felt tired after the 10k. After that, they each felt pretty good and got a bit faster. I kept rest short, just 200m in less than 60 seconds.

Felt fine until the end where I was having an Eliud Kipchoge issue (i.e. my insole on my left shoe was slipping out and messing up my footstrike) near the end. I ran about 1.5 reps like this and after #4 decided to just stop because I couldn’t get the thing to stay put – probably from all the water. 4 felt very good and was fast anyway, so I figured it was a good place to stop. Less is more now!

Jogged home short 1km and went to the gym for short leg circuit and drying off.

Total run 14M+.

10km prog run
1 km 3’16.0 (3’16.0)
2 km 6’30.2 (3’14.2)
3 km 9’42.9 (3’12.7)
4 km 12’51.7 (3’08.8)
5 km 15’59.5 (3’07.8)
6 km 19’08.4 (3’08.9)
7 km 22’15.2 (3’06.8)
8 km 25’21.4 (3’06.2)
9 km 28’25.8 (3’04.4)
10 km 31’26.1 (3’00.3)

5 min rest

4x1000m (200m jog in 54-58): 3’01.6, 2’58.6, 2’58.7, 2’57.7

XT: Legs at the gym, no weights, 2 sets.

5:30pm: Ran later with Mar very slow on Costco loop with a stop at the mall for VGCs. Rain had finally stopped and it was actually pretty nice out! Total run 3M, NT.

Sabado, 7 de Mayo, 2016 – 10am: Up early for a flight up to BOS for the day for MGH appointment. Met up with my folks who were at the MFA and dropped my stuff off in their car so I could run.

Ran easy on the Fens out to the chuck and then across smoot and around science museum and back on the Boston side. Chilly but nice by the end. Ran 10km in 43’ and then did 6x 100m+ strides on the dirt on the Fens. Felt very good overall. Total run 7M++.

PM: OFF- busy day. Echo went fine (I think), and then met up with Jon for a while before dinner with the parents pre-mothers’ day and then finally back to Logan and home by about 11pm (had to walk home from the airport as the CC exit was closed and I couldn’t get a cab. Long day!

Domingo, 8 de Mayo, 2016 – 10am: Slept later after a long day yesterday. Last longer single of the season this morning. Ran on Matt’s loop. Sunny and very windy (20mph+) but warm, in the upper 60s. Felt nice to finally get some warmth and sunshine. Finished with 4x strides. Total run 11M++ in 73’.

XT: Back/hips.

PM: OFF – XT only. Walked to HT and back. Very nice day. Legs feeling good!

XT: Core.