Flights and Travel

How do flights work for international programs?

We want to offer the safest and simplest travel options for our students (and parents), so all Strive high school students will travel to their program country as a group from our pre-determined US departure airport.

All Strive participants will meet their leader at the chosen check-in desk at the group’s US departure airport at least 4 hours before their international flight’s departure. Airports will be decided on an annual basis but are usually New York’s JFK for Strive-Kenya and Miami, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, or Washington Dulles for Strive-Peru. Families are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the departure airport, though Strive staff can assist in these bookings as well.

Students will be accompanied on their flight to their program country where their leader will help the group navigate passport control and customs and meet the rest of the staff. The group will fly together from to their final destination in country.

On the return flight, students will be chaperoned out of their program country, through passport control, and back into the USA at the same airport whence they left. Staff will help direct students to the appropriate terminals for their flights to return home.

How do flights work for domestic programs?

All Strive-Participants will meet the group at the pre-determined arrival airport for our domestic programs.  Participants and families will be given a arrival window and are responsible for arranging flights that are scheduled to arrive within that window. Strive staff will be waiting at baggage claim and detailed instructions about where to meet Group Leaders as well as phone numbers will be sent out pre-trip so we can avoid any mishaps and communicate if a participant is unable to find their leaders/group.  Alternatively, participants can be dropped off at the airport if they happen to be from the area or will be traveling with family before the program. 

Return flights will follow the same model. Participants and families will be given a departure window and are responsible for arranging a flight that is scheduled to depart within that window.  Strive staff will escort students to the airport and direct them to their flights. If flights are delayed significantly or cancelled, Strive staff will be available to help the student navigate the process.

Will I be contacted when my child meets the group?

Yes! All students are required to call home (and at least leave a message) once they’ve met up with their group leaders in the airport. Once they are with the group, Strive staff will email all parents and post on social media with updates on the group’s travels, including safe arrival in country, completion of the domestic flight leg, and arrival in the program’s home base.

Do I have to travel with the group?

Unless you have extenuating circumstances, the answer is yes. We found that many parents prefer that their children travel the international leg of their itinerary as part of the Strive group and under staff supervision. Moreover, Strive is able to book large blocks of seats to ensure that all our students can travel on the same flights both to their program country and then domestically once in-country with one another and their leaders. In order to offer this, it’s necessary that all students travel together.

That said, there are some extenuating circumstances in which students would be allowed to travel all the way to their program country on their own. For example, students traveling from outside of the USA to their program country can travel directly to the program country’s main international airport (Lima or Nairobi) to be met group leaders and join the group.

If you have any questions about the flight process, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss the process and try to make things work as simply as possible for your family.

Are my international and domestic flights included in the program fee?

No. Flights are separate from the program fee which covers all your other on-the-ground activities. For flight costs, visit the “Flight Info” tab for Strive-Peru  or Strive-Kenya.  For Strive-Flagstaff, families are responsible for arranging their own travel to Phoenix within the scheduled arrival and departure windows.