Weekly Summary – 94 miles in 13 runs. Last moderate up week before the taper! Good recovery from last week’s big effort. Legs are feeling great w/ less than 2 weeks to go!

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Lunes, 15 de Abril, 2019 – 08:15am: Ran earlier to get in some running before an exciting day of Marathon viewing! Big t-storms outside and short on time, so ran on treadmill, quicker, in layers. HR got very high w/in like 10 min w/ pace from 4’30->3’40 or so. Stopped quickly to de-robe and ran the rest shirtless as I was way too hot. Total run 7km in 27’30.

16:30: Ran w/ Mar and David very easy together out onto the Chuck. Felt okay but pretty tired from long day w/ lots of running around and standing to watch the marathon. Picked it up w/ Dave for last few minutes of his run after about 20’ and then ran quicker solo on the rest of short chuck loop. Actually felt very good at that point and running 3’5x pace comfortably. Had a nice tail-wind at times which def helps. Finished at the track and did drills and 4x strides in 1’24. VERY windy on the track and was running like 19-24 w/ and against the wind. Easy home after. Total run 13km in 57’.

XT: Heel drops, toes, glutes (10x weights), bird dogs

Martes, 16 de Abril, 2019 – 09:45am: Ran late w/ David after a fun but later night reminiscing about high school. Very windy and cool in the 40s, ran down to turf and did about 4km barefoot which felt very nice, under 4’00 pace the last few km feeling very smooth! Stopped and did drills and then 6x strides in 2’03 – very tough into the wind! – and then 200m (w/ wind) in 30.6! Jogged over to 91 syd after for rest of the run so Dave and I could continue hanging out while I kept running. Ran from 4’20-> 3’30 fairly quickly. Overheated a lot and slowed down frorm 5-7km around 8’00 and then last km under 3’30. Legs felt good but HR was super high as I was still wearing tights/long sleeve and there was no fan. Total run on TM was 8km in 29’40, total run overall 14km in 55’.

XT: Shoulder pulls, HF bands, side band walks, heel drops, toes, glutes (10x weights), bird dogs, internal/external bands. Also did a max curl – Dave got 50lb on both sides, I got 35lb.

15:30: Ran on treadmill for heat adaptation. Easy/moderate run from around 4’20->3’30/km. Split watch every 2km for: 8’28, 7’44, 7’12, 7’06. Very warm! Ran in tights, long sleeve, jacket, wool hat. Total run 8km+ in 30’30.

XT: Toes, heel drops

Miercoles, 17 de Abril, 2019 – Sparknotes: AM: 8km + Short hills (10x), PM: 6km 18’27 (3’04.5/km)

09:30am: Cool morning again. Jogged down to the fields and did 5km. Legs felt decent and then ran over to Prospect hill after 8km total in 34’. Changed into Carbon rockets and did drills and then 10x short hills. Felt very good on these again. Just about all were under 15.0 with a bunch in the 14.3-6 range which is very good. Jogged back home w/ a loop around the hood to round up. Much warmer by the end, so overdressed a lot which is good. Total run 12km in 51’.

XT: Toes, heel drops, Pedestal (10x weights)

15:30: Warmed up outside in what had become a lovely afternoon in the 60s and sunny. Ran short warmup down to fields and about 1km on grass and then back to gym. Did PM session on treadmill, drills outside (in carbon rocket again) and then just 2x strides before getting started. Same as last week, just 1km longer. Basically kept pace steady whole time at 3’04-05/km. Ran w/ long sleeve on and fan but was still very warm in the gym today, probably over 70F. HR jumped up around 4’ in and then gently rose to upper 170s (178-180) and stayed there for the last 6 minutes or so. Definitely good to work this HR zone and increased perceived effort. Very good to feel like I wasn’t going to make it after only a few minutes and then end up hanging in there well.

Finished 6km in 18’29 (3’05/km).

Cooled down outside since it was so nice. Just 1km+ easy loop down towards the BU bridge area. Total run 10km+ in 35’.

XT: Toes, heel drops

Jueves, 18 de Abril, 2019 – 09:00: Easy run on short Chuck loop and then to the fields. Actively kept pace/effort very relaxed and was surprised to be running 4’0x-1x w/ little effort. Cool again in the 40s but mercilfully not too windy. Finished w/ 2km on the turf barefoot to stop at 15km in 63’ and then did drills, 6x strides in 2’02, and then 200m in 33.2. Good session and good to feel pretty much normal after yesterday’s light session. Total run 16km in 66’.

XT: Shoulder pulls, HF bands, side band walks, heel drops, toes, glutes (10x weights), bird dogs, internal/external bands.

15:00: Ran right after getting back from Costco. Felt like poop at first. Ran easy 1.5km on grass very slow and felt bad and then stopped at track to do drill/strides before heading over to Davis for session w/ Sam Peck. Felt pretty good on strides (4x in 1’21) so that was nice. Filthy weather though, 40s and drizzle and windy. Jogged all the way back to SoarBody in Teele. Felt okay despite nasty weather. Jogged back to the T after. Total run 10km++ in 45’.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

Viernes, 19 de Abril, 2019 – 10:00: Ran later after spending the morning w/ Mariana. VERY windy, like 25+ mph sustained w/ much higher gusts. Felt like I was going to get blown over/running in place at times. Ran shorter chuck loop (over pedestrian bridge at Harvard). Much warmer, about 65F and purposefully overdressed quite a bit (tights, long sleeve, jacket, hat/gloves), so was quite warm. Got to the track at 10km in 44’ and then did drills and strides (6x in 2’05, very uneven w/ insane wind) and then 200m relaxed (with the wind) in 32. Jogged home. Total run 12km in 51’30.

XT: Shoulder pulls, HF bands, side band walks, heel drops, toes, glutes (10x weights), bird dogs, internal/external bands.

16:30: Ran later from downtown after going to the bank. Felt a bit sluggish to start but better once I got moving. Fucking ridiculous wind again. Almost got blown over. Lots of sports practices once I got back home but was able to do drills and strides on the track (4x in 1’24, very windy and super slow into the wind) and then finished up just running around the outside of the track for like 2.5km. Jogged home after that. Love springtime… Total run 8km++ in 35’.

XT: Toes, heel drops.

Sabado, 20 de Abril, 2019 – 09:00am: Last day of this up block before the real taper begins. Plan was to do 5k, 4k, 3k, 2k, 1k. Legs didn’t feel great for some reason but went for it. Warmed up 2.5km on grass and then to the gym, changed into carbon rockets. Drills and then on the mill 2x strides and 200m in ~37 relaxed. Started out all right but too fast and too hot (probably 9’25 or so at 3K and then slowed down a bit). Finished 5km in 15’57 but was already worked. Felt too hot and just wasn’t into it. Stopped and tried to cool off and get back into it but just wasn’t happening. Will try again later. Total run 10km.

XT: Heel drops, toes, pedestal (10x weights/5lb bell)

15:00: Take 2 for the workout and result was remarkably similar. Warmed up and was feeling decent, 3km total w/ strides. Basically did exactly the same thing, 5km in 16’02, 1km in 3’30, and then only made it about a minute into the second rep but could just feel that the body wasn’t having it. No point to force it, so cut it off. Cooled down and felt okay running more moderate from about 4’00 to 3’30 for longer ~7km. Total run 16km.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

Domingo, 21 de Abril, 2019 – 09:30am: Slept later and then ran outside solo on shorter Chuck loop. Warmer around 60F and no wind (finally). Felt surprisingly really good. Form felt good and smooth. Overdressed too w/ long sleeve, jacket, tights, hat, gloves. Surprised to see pace already at 4’16 after like 15’ and then came back quicker 4’0x a lot. Got to the track about 10km in 41’ and then did 3km barefoot down to 3’5x. Did drills after that and then 6x strides which were great and quick, 1’57 (!!). Finished w/ 500m relaxed in 1’31.4 just because I wanted to convince myself that yesterday was a negative anomaly. Felt great. Total run 14.5km in 58’.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

PM: OFF – Recovery block day 1 – taper time!

XT: Shoulder pulls, HF bands, side band walks, heel drops, toes, glutes (10x weights), bird dogs, internal/external bands.