Weekly Summary – 110 miles in 14 runs. A pretty poor week of running w/ a bad race at the NH 10 mile (52’55 for 4th) and about ⅔ of a fartlek w/ Jonas. Feeling a bit run-down.

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Lunes, 20 de Agosto, 2018 – 07:30: Easy run solo on the river. Cut it short due to time and came back across JFK. Felt okay and surprised to see pace quicker than I’d expected after a long day yesterday. Finished at the track for 4x strides and then home. Total run 12km in 51’.

15:30: Ran w/ Nic down to BU bridge to meet James Randon. Felt good and ran slower w/ Nic. Beautiful day sunny and 70s. Dropped Nic off in Harvard Sq and continued w/ James a bit quicker. Talked about Infinite Jest which James has apparently read. Nice. No strides as I was tight for time w/ last day of our STRIVE partners’ summit. Total run 14.5km in 63’.

Martes, 21 de Agosto, 2018 – 09:00: Easy run solo on river loop. Felt good and fairly consistent. Cooler so over-dressed in tights, jacket. Finished w/ 4x strides and 200m in 31.x which felt very good. Total run 15.5km in 64’.

XT: glute meds (5x) and pull-ups (3×7)

16:30: A bit tired out the door but ended up feeling really good on this one. Ran sci museum loop and started out easy and then came back much quicker on the other side 3’56, 45, 44, 28 last 4km to the track. Stopped and did 4x strides and tacked on and then home. Total run 9.7km in 38’ (3’54 avg).

Miercoles, 22 de Agosto, 2018 – Sparknotes: 13km farltek in 44’00 (3’23 avg) w/ 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’, 6’, 2’ on (2’ off) w/ Jonas @ 2’55-3’15 on, 3’45-4’00 off.

09:00: Easy shakeout before working out w/ Jonas this afternoon. 8km out/back on mem drive side w/ stop at TJ’s to get bread. Finished at the track for 4x strides and 200m in 33. Felt okay, a bit sluggish. Total run 8km+ in 35’.

XT: toes, glues

04:30pm: Ran over to the parking lot past Harvard stadium to meet Jonas. Nice and muggy this afternoon, over 80F and quite humid. About 4km to the parking lot and then did drills and strides before we took off.

Just hopped into his schedule so the plan was 2,4,6,8,6,4,2 minutes on w/ 2’ off. I really had no idea what to expect as it was the first longer session I’ve done in a while and Jonas is obviously fit.

First rep felt pretty good if a bit quick ~ 3’00 (everything was by Garmin). 2’ jog was slower than I’d normally go but I figured that was nice if we were going to keep the pace decently hot. Took the next rep harder 2’55 pace for 4’. This was tough and I was glad we took the 6’ rep out much slower. Felt pretty comfortable so was surprised to see we passed 1km in 3’03. From there slowed down a bit but not a ton in the last 3’. Probably 3’05 pace total. We passed 8km in like 25’55.

The 8’ rep was quite tough and Jonas put a few meters on me in the second half. I think we were running around 3’10s-15s, but my legs were starting to feel toasted already. The 6’ rep I was struggling to maintain the same pace and Jonas put a big gap on me which I didn’t catch up on the recovery, so the last 4’ rep just didn’t happen. Tried to accelerate but the legs were toast so just jogged consistent until the last 2’ rep which I ran hard and was still running 3’00+. Yikes!

Stopped and then did 4x good strides w/ Jonas in parking lot.

Overall, this was actually a pretty good step in the right direction. My workouts last week were both awful, so to have even half the workout go well this week was a nice change. Jonas is definitely fit and it’ll be good to get in some serious work w/ him this fall. It’s too bad he’s not running CIM as it’d be great if we could link up our schedules.

Cooled down solo back. Extremely dehydrated – need to bring fluids if were going to do stuff on days this hot.

Total run 21.5km in 80’.

Jueves, 23 de Agosto, 2018 – 0900: Very slow run. Pretty smacked from yesterday and was up a bit late w/ Mar and Hans. Easy around the river over JFK. Finished at the track for 4x very slow strides. Total run 12km in 55’.

XT: glues, toes

1630: Ran solo on same loop as this AM and running about 20-30 sec/km faster and felt easier. Recovery is an odd thing. Finished at the track and 4x strides which also felt much better. Nice and sunny out today. Total run 12km in 50’.

XT: Pedestal (7’ w/ 10x reps)

Viernes, 24 de Agosto, 2018 – 09:00: Easy run on science museum loop. A bit short today as I’m racing tomorrow. Legs felt pretty good – much better than yesterday. Still overdressing and probably will continue to do so through New Haven. Finished at the track and was going to do 1km pickup but there was a football game so I got kicked off but managed to get in 4x strides first. Jogged around the big fields next to the track after. Total run 10.3km in 44’.

XT: Glutes, toes.

16:30: Ran from Mar’s parents’ house down to the BU track. GPS was reading weird as it’s surrounded by buildings etc and said I was running 4’40/km when I was running 91-92s 400s. Legs felt really good as I let myself run in just shorts and shirtless (92F) for the first time in a while. Stopped and did light drills, 4x strides, and then 1000m accelerator in 2’55 running 74, 69 (2’23), 32 (2’55). Felt really good and also NB this was in Cliftons. Jogged back and legs felt nice and poppy. Total run 5.7km (++) in 23’.

Sabado, 25 de Agosto, 2018 – Sparknotes: NH 10 Miler – 4th, 52’55 (3’17/km). Led aggressively first 5km in 15’31 and then got dropped and ran like a baby and felt sorry for myself.

08:00: Not really much to say here. Warmed up 4km, strides, drills. Weather was a bit warm as the sun came out pretty strongly right as I was warming up. Took the race out aggressively to try to split things up early. Thought I was doing well as it was just me and Sang by like 3-4km and then let him lead for a bit and tucked in but got dropped on big hill at around 7km. Got caught by Harvey and Sanca at that point and hung w/ them until the hairpin turn just after halfway (25’30ish) and then ate it hard the last 8km. Really poor showing. Didn’t look at my watch at all in the first half and maybe that was a mistake this time or maybe I just wasn’t tough enough. Don’t know. Cooled down 4km slow and got the fuck out of dodge. Better luck next time.

Total run

16:30: Spent the PM at Crane Beach w/ Mar and family. Ran from the parking lot out/back on a ~1km stretch of dirt road as the main road in is super narrow. Felt surprisingly decent. 4x strides on dirt and then around the parking lot to round up. Total run 8km in 33’.

Domingo, 26 de Agosto, 2018 – 09:30: Planned to run a hard long run early w/ Jonas but slept poorly and felt like dog shit this morning so texted him and slept another 3 hours and then slogged through this one by myself. Felt bad and ran slow. 4x very slow strides on grass. Total run 12km in 56’.

XT: Glutes, toes

18:30: Ran late. Feel like dying today. Legs felt a bit better though. Total run 10km in 44’.