Weekly Summary – 70 Miles in 10 runs. Planned down week as the STRIVE high schoolers arrived and I knew it was going to be busy (plus the last 3 weeks have been monstrous). Still got in short hills and a light progression.

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Lunes, 16 de Julio, 2018 – 07:30: Ran w/ Katie and Sierra and Calvin. Nice and easy today after the big one yesterday, but not as slow as I expected. Katie took us out (it was her long run) to about 5km at the top of the big hill at 4’51 pace and Cal and I turned back and went a bit quicker on the return. Finished w/ 4x strides which felt pretty bad. Jogged back. Total run 10.5km in 50’.

PM: Off from running. Nice mid-day hike up the trail across the river. Made it up farther than I have before but nowhere near the sungate that’s up there somewhere. Nice day if a bit scortching in the mid-day sun. Probably could have gone a bit shorter as the legs were pretty shot by the end but good bonding w/ the dude squad.

Came back and passed out hard for over an hour before an early dinner and then watching Andy Sandburg’s Popstar.

Martes, 17 de Julio, 2018 – 7:45am: Easy run w/ Calvin and Will out/back to the train station and a bit beyond. Out 6km and back a bit quicker. Legs feeling better today but still not 100%. Running 4’30s mostly. Finished w/ 6x strides – felt much better than yesterday – and then back. Total run 13km in 59’.

PM: OFF – travel back to Pisaq and then orientation day for the STRIVE high schoolers!

Miercoles, 18 de Julio, 2018 – 7:45am: Ran solo out/back on Taray Rd as Cal wasn’t feeling great. Easy and short this morning due to time restrictions. Met up w/ Will and Cal running back at about 2.5km so turned around w/ them and jogged back slower. Total run 5.5km in 25’.

4:30pm: First run w/ the high schoolers. Felt pretty good and ran very slow at the front of the pack, around 5’10->4’50s out/back. Total run 30’ w/ no strides.

Jueves, 19 de Julio, 2018 – 8:30am: Ran easy w/ Calvin. Both of us felt pretty bad so slower and shorter than planned. Had some acid reflux or something – just bad tummy/chest/gas. Not sure what was going on. Out in ~4’35 and back not much quicker. Stopped and did 4x strides on the way back which felt okay but still not great. Total run 12km in 54’.

4:30pm: Ran w/ the HS boys out on River Rd. A bit quicker today on the way out, 4’50s and the kids seemed to feel it. Stopped at 4km in 19’xx and then kept going as they headed back. Wanted to get in a bit of quicker running so ran bridge loop w/ the last 7km progressing from 3’45 (on the rocky dirt) down to 3’21 last km. Felt pretty good and hoped to run under 17’30 for the last 5K on the rd and did (17’21). This was in my beat-to-shit cliftons too. Very good

Finished easy jog from the bridge to strides rd to meet the kiddos and back.

Total run 11.5km in 47’.

Splits (last 7km of bridge loop)
1.0 km 3’45.0 (3’45.0)
2.0 km 7’27.0 (3’42.0)
3.0 km 10’54.0 (3’27.0)
4.0 km 14’23.0 (3’29.0)
5.0 km 17’59.0 (3’36.0)
6.0 km 21’27.0 (3’28.0)
7.0 km 24’48.0 (3’21.0) (17’21.0)

XT: Pedestal + pullups (6, 4, 4, 4)

Viernes, 20 de Julio, 2018 – Sparknotes: 5km + 8x short hills

6am: EARLY morning for short hills. Ran w/ Cal, Scott, Will, and Sierra over to the hill and then out/back a bit for time. Did about 5km, drills, and then a couple short accelerations. Ended up doing 8x short hills, mostly w/ Will as Calvin was feeling a bit doot. Felt really good on these. Finished exactly at 07:05 as planned and jogged about 1’ down the hill to meet the HS gang. Went back out w/ them another 30’ or so for their easy run. Total run 12km in 59’.

12:30pm: Early shakeout solo out/back in the forest. Felt fine and ran quicker than expected, in the 4’00-10s range. Measured the 5K course for tomorrow. No strides just b/c I was short on time. Total run 8km++ in 34’.

XT: Strength circuit:
Pedestal (7’)
10x Single leg deadlift (4kg)
1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 Plank row
10x Single leg squat (4kg)
12x squat jump
30x lunge jump
15x single leg box
4x pull-up
8x single leg distance hop
2x pull up
20x single leg side hop
10x shoulder press
10x squat jump
3x Pull-up
30x lunge jump

Sabado, 21 de Julio, 2018 – 16:40: Ran out/back on paved roads only b/c of crazy run/mud. Felt okay. No AM run b/c of the 5K this morning. 4x strides to finish. Total run 9km in 44’.

Domingo, 22 de Julio, 2018 – 07:00: Easy run early w/ Nic out/back on paved rd again. Hopefully this is the end of the rain! Amazing views of the mountains w/ snow on top. Did 16km w/ Nic in about 75’ and then tacked out solo back out the road to meet the intern gang who were finishing up and jogged in w/ them. Total run 23km in 1h47.