Weekly Summary – 88 miles in 12 runs. A bit of a rough week balancing recovery with work, but feeling out of the woods at this point. Less than 5 weeks to showtime!

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Lunes, 25 de Marzo, 2019 – AM: OFF. Really wrecked this morning. Sick?

16:00: Ran very slow w/ Mar. Felt awful. Wanted to stop the whole time. Really bad. Total run 5km+ in 25’.

Martes, 26 de Marzo, 2019 – Sparknotes: 10km fartlek in 32’20 w/ 3x[3’, 2’, 1’ @ 3’05, 3’00, 2’55 w/ 1’ rec @ 3’30], 3’ b/w sets.

08:15am: Light session this morning. Warmed up 5km in 22’ and then drills, 4x strides. Workout was sets of 3’, 2’, 1’ on, 1’ off, 3’ between sets. Hoped for pace to be like 3’05-10, 3’00, 2’50-55/km, off pace around 3’30. Maybe 3-4 sets for 10-13km.

First set covered about 3.4km (for 11’00). Felt quite hard and rt hamstring was a bit worrisome. After that, felt okay. Second set was similar, right about the same. Finished the 3rd set and was just about at 10km, so just ran moderate to 10K and stopped. Wanted this to be a real yellow workout so probably could have done at least 1 more set but wanted to be conservative.

Cooled down easy. Total run 21.5km

Miercoles, 27 de Marzo, 2019 – 09:00: Ran easy on sci museum loop. Felt okay but not great, 4’40s down to 4’20s. Finished at gym and did another 4km on treadmill moderate and then drills and then 10x accelerations at like 2’50-40/km and then 200m in 33. Total run 18.5km in 81’.

XT: Glutes, toes, heel drops

16:15: Easy run on fields. Felt okay, ~4’20-30 and then drills at the track. 4x strides in 1’25. Total run 10km+ in 44’30.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

Jueves, 28 de Marzo, 2019 – 08:30am: Warmed up 5km in 22’ and then drills and strides, 200m in 36. Plan was to do 5x5K on, 1K off, at something like marathon pace – whatever that means right now. Only got 1K+ in and bailed. Ran like 3’20+ and felt more like 2’55. Body/mind are just fried right now. Cooled down longer. Total run 12km.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

14:45: On elliptical to give legs a break. Did an hour at moderate pace, got HR up well. Call it 14km effort for 60’.

XT: Heel drops, toes.

Viernes, 29 de Marzo, 2019 – 07:00am: Up early to get in a good run before the HOKA shoot. Felt decent and warmed up 5km in 22’ or so and then strides and drills. Planned to just do a medium workout after bailing yesterday, so goal was to do same workout as last Saturday (1K on, 1K off). Got through 1K in like 3’08, 1K rec in 3’30 and then only got about 200m into the next rep before bailing. Just body and mind didn’t have it. Ran long easy cooldown after to get enough volume in for the day.

Total run 30km.

PM: HOKA Video shoot. A lot of random running at a decent pace sometimes as long as 1km probably a few times on the bridge/mem drive shots. Legs actually felt surprisingly good running quicker. No watch but call it 10km total.

Sabado, 30 de Marzo, 2019 – 10:30am: Ran late after getting up to watch world XC champs. Still pretty tired and felt terrible out the door. Planned to do an hour or so but felt really bad and ran first km in like 5’20 and just called it. Body really needs to recover right now. Total run 4km in 19’30.

PM: OFF, rec block.

Domingo, 31 de Marzo, 2019 – AM: OFF. Walked all the way to Mar’s folks’ house and then most of the way to Harvard sq and then home after lunch.

1900: Very long and draining afternoon, but glad I went out to run. Ran out/back on river. Felt surprisingly decent despite everything. Legs are maybe coming around finally. No strides, etc. Total run 5km++ in 23’.