Weekly Summary – 63 miles in 10 runs. What a week! Amazing trip to Doha, Qatar but disaster at the race as I suffered an asthma attack. Read the whole recap here.

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Lunes, 30 de Noviembre, 2015 – 9am: Easy run around CCS. Pretty low energy again from depletion but this is the last day of it. Finished with 1M barefoot. Total run 5M, NT.

XT: Back/hips (1x)

2pm: Ran to the bank and back with Mar. Freaking brutal out, 37F and rainy and windy. Good thing I’m going to Doha tonight!! Total run 2M+

Martes 1 de Diciembre, 2015 – AM: All day traveling to Doha! On the airplane until 5pm Doha time. Was able to walk up and down the aisle for about 30-40 minutes at one point which was nice.

8pm: Arrived at THE TORCH – the most amazing hotel I’ve ever seen – in Doha and met up with Susan and the other Team USA runners for a jog on the course. Craig took us out on his bike for one lap around the 5K loop. Legs felt pretty brutal after 13 hours on the plane and was struggling to keep up with Zach and Geoff who clearly felt better. Made it through one lap and called it a night. Total run 3M+, NT.

Miercoles, 2 de Diciembre, 2015 – 1pm: Slept well and very long – in bed for 12 hours. Ran solo on the course and felt 10000x better than last night. Legs felt fresh and poppy. Ran one lap in about 20’ and then ran 3x1km in 3’30, 3’20, 3’10 with rest by feel. These felt progressively better. Jogged back after. Loving the sunshine and warmth! 85F – wahoo! Total run 6M.

5pm: Ran with a bunch of other athletes, but mostly with Tony and Camille around the Aspire park – absolutely beautiful facility and beautiful night. Very nice company and a very relaxed pace which felt good. Total run 4M, NT.

Jueves, 3 de Diciembre, 2015 – 1pm: Slept until noon again – getting on a good sleep cycle here. Ran solo again on the course. They had K markers up so I compared my garmin. It was pretty close with KM 1 but KM 2 was only at about 1.75km on my watch, so something was off (either the marker is in the wrong place or my watch was misreading). Finished a lap in 21’ and then did full drills and then ran the last km of the race at race effort in about 3’25. This is the toughest km of the course with two hairpin turns, so that was a good sign. Also I was in the Bondi which is a heavy duty shoe. I’ll race in the Cliftons. Having an amazing time here though! Absolute blast.

Total run 4M.

PM: OFF – thought about a PM shakeout, but a bit busy with the opening ceremony and dinner. Took a walk around the mall (which is absolutely over the top – think indoor amusement park, ice rink, tons of american stores/restaurants) which was a nice way to blow off some steam. Dinner around midnight. I’ll try to go to bed between 1-2am and sleep until noon or so.

Viernes, 4 de Diciembre, 2015 – Sparknotes: 50km World Championships,12th place, Team Silver Medal, 4th American. Disaster. Felt fantastic through 30km and then asthma attack when tried to increase pace. Totally cratered after that. Couldn’t breathe, thought I was having a heart attack or something. Thought about DNFing but really didn’t want to. Ran the last 10k in 46 minutes. Med tent and O2 after. Very disappointed. Should have gone 1-2 with Tony and me which would have gotten us team gold. Next year…

(Full write up on blog)

12am: Big dinner dinner
12pm: Wake up, work in bed.
1pm: .5 cup coffee (starbucks via instant), ~100kCal animal crackers
2pm: Shakeout, 2M
3pm: .5 cup coffee, nature valley bar, animal crackers
4:15pm: .5L caff nuun
5:30pm: Start Warmup
5:45pm: Gel #0
6pm: start run

Sabado, 5 de Diciembre, 2015 – No running, Didn’t sleep at all post race. Walked a bunch, awards ceremony, and then went to Susan and Craig’’s before heading to the airport to go to Addis Ababa!

Domingo, 6 de Diciembre, 2015 – 1pm: Arrived at Yaya Village – very easy shakeout on their dirt track loop. Total run 20’, 2M+.

5pm: Easy shakeout around Yaya compound. Total run 4M in 32’.

XT: Hips