During our time at Strive we have been busy at work painting at the schools, out on our runs and workout, and doing core, strength, and yoga. However, we have also taken time to step back and reflect on ourselves.

Our group leader Matt proposed the following question to us…as we think about our lives here in Iten, Kenya…
“What can I give up?”

A day later, the students shared what they wrote with a pair and afterwards everyone shared their reflection to the group. The following includes some of the things the students shared with the group.

I will not use my phone after certain time so I can go to bed soundly.
I will Help clean up more at home
I want to give up the idea of needing perfection of my daily runs and races
Being more content with how an average run goes, I will enjoy the moment and doing my best
And Not being so strict with plan.
I am going to study without Youtube playing in the background.
I am going to give up irrational self doubt
I will be more flexible with my running schedule.
I will get rid of my procrastination habits
I will overcome being afraid – of putting myself out there in races, social situations, and workouts
I am going to spend less time on my phone
I want to be more forgiving of myself when things in my life come up and running has to take a step back.
I am going to give up trying to match my training at home while here…when it isn’t really possible
I am going to limit high my expectations; for example slowing down on my easy runs and warm ups
I am giving up rushing through things, finding the purpose of specific activities

I found this exercise to be especially valuable because not only could the students reflect on what they could be doing differently but they can also learn from their peers. It creates an environment of trying to be better people, athletes, and friends overall.


-Peter Cembalest
Strive Kenya 2018, 2019
Strive Intern, Kenya 2022