Weekly Summary – 128 miles in 14 runs. A great fast workout and a great effort at the DisneyWorld Half (for 2nd place and under the old CR). Less than 5 weeks to Vermont City Marathon and 3 other races before that!

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Lunes, 17 de Abril, 2017 – 12pm: Ran later after watching Boston Marathon this morning (slept late and didn’t get out the door in time to run before). Felt pretty good. Total run 11M in 77’.

XT: Back/hips

4:30pm: Short turnaround with late morning run. Easy run out/back on MVN, 8x strides barefoot on turf after. Total run 8M in 60’.

XT: P90x

Martes, 18 de Abril, 2017 – 9:30am: Ran on hilly Arlington ridge loop 2.5x. Felt good and very good to keep up the hilly runs. Need to do this route at least once per week, maybe more, leading up to VCM. Finished over at Costco turf field which was empty and did 10x strides barefoot, very good. After, jogged to a few errands and then home with an obscene amount of cash on my person and a giant bag of broccoli. Total run 15M+ in 1h44’.

XT: Back/hips (2x weighted from here on unless noted)

3:15pm: Ran to GSM for massage. Beautiful day, nice run. Legs felt very good, and 4’0x from the door which is great especially after a tough LR yesterday. Very good session with Terrel with lots of (painful) work on the hips: TFL, pectineus, gluts (3x), hamstrings, psoas iliacus, quadratus lumborum, abductor/ITB. Learning a lot! Very good. Total run 6M- in 35’.

XT: Hips (at home).

Miercoles, 19 de Abril, 2017 – Sparknotes: 10x short hills + 3km prog in 8’56 (3’07, 2’57, 2’51)

8am: Woke up naturally a good bit earlier – very good sign! Also the AC got turned on so maybe sleeping a bit better thanks to that.

Ran out/back on MVN and then over to the big hill (8km in 34’). Changed into tracers and did drills and a few strides on the grass.

Did 10x short hills 13-14 seconds, with recovery by HR until it was under 120. Felt very good on these. Very pleased. Ran the last one all the way to the hydrant at the top of the hill in 40 seconds. Extremely hard!

Jogged down and to 1K loop for very short pickup as I’ve got a track session tomorrow and didn’t want the legs to be too tired. Ran 3’07/2’57/2’51 for 8’55.7. Figured best case I could run around 3’10/3’00/2’50 for 9’00 so this is very good.

Jogged home after. No leg circuits until tomorrow post-track.

Total run 11M+.

1 km 3’07.1 (3’07.1) 170
2 km 6’04.5 (2’57.4) 177
3 km 8’55.7 (2’51.2) 182

XT: Back/hips (1x, weight)

3:15pm: Ran to GSM for massage. Good recovery massage today with hills today and track tomorrow and race on Sunday. Run felt good – kept it very relaxed but form felt good. Total run 10km, 6M+ in 44’.

Jueves, 20 de Abril, 2017 – Sparknotes: 12x800m @ 2’19.3 avg (2’54.0/km avg) w/ 200m jog @ 50.4 (4’12/km). 12.2km continuous in 38’15 (3’08.1/km). Very strong! 70F.

9am: Easy warmup 5km+ to TCW track. Nice day, cloudy but already 70F, no wind today. Drills, 4x strides, 200m in about 33.

A bit nervous about this one after the 600s felt so hard last week and after having to re-work the schedule such that I was doing this just 24 hours after yesterday’s short hills. But, after about the first 200m, I was able to really relax and found myself surprised to hit first 400m under 70 and then the second lap felt much better. From there, the workout was really the opposite of last week. It was like, I never had any doubt I would finish, as I knew that it wouldn’t feel much worse until the end.

I found myself speeding up early during the rest a few times, but mostly I was just in a great rhythm. Every single one was 34/69.x/1’44/2’19-20 like clockwork. I honestly felt like I could have pushed a lot earlier, but I wanted to be very conservative so I waited until the last 3x. On those, I ran a bit harder, closing in 2’19, 2’16, and then a 3’25 1200m to round things up to 10,000m of work split 71/69/66.

The average work was faster than last week (2’54.0 vs 2’55.5), the avg rest was faster (50.4 vs 51.5), and the reps were 33% longer! But, mostly, it just felt much better. A very, very strong workout and very pleased with this one. Looking forward to 1000s next week!

Cooled down short to metro home. Total run 13M+.

0.8 km (2’19.1) 170 0.8 km 2’19.1
0.2 km (0’51.7) 168 1 km 3’10.8
0.8 km (2’19.5) 173 1.8 km 5’30.3
0.2 km (0’52.1) 170 2 km 6’22.4
0.8 km (2’20.1) 174 2.8 km 8’42.5
0.2 km (0’49.2) 171 3 km 9’31.7
0.8 km (2’20.1) 175 3.8 km 11’51.8
0.2 km (0’50.8) 171 4 km 12’42.6
0.8 km (2’20.1) 175 4.8 km 15’02.7
0.2 km (0’50.2) 170 5 km 15’52.9
0.8 km (2’19.3) 175 5.8 km 18’12.2
0.2 km (0’50.4) 171 6 km 19’02.6
0.8 km (2’20.2) 175 6.8 km 21’22.8
0.2 km (0’49.5) 171 7 km 22’12.3
0.8 km (2’20.3) 174 7.8 km 24’32.6
0.2 km (0’49.2) 171 8 km 25’21.8
0.8 km (2’19.9) 174 8.8 km 27’41.7
0.2 km (0’50.2) 170 9 km 28’31.9
0.8 km (2’19.6) 174 9.8 km 30’51.5
0.2 km (0’49.9) 172 10 km 31’41.4
0.8 km (2’16.9) 174 10.8 km 33’58.3
0.2 km (0’50.8) 172 11 km 34’49.1
0.4 km (1’10.7) 171 11.4 km 35’59.8
0.4 km (1’08.9) 178 11.8 km 37’08.7
0.4 km (1’06.1) (3’25.7 last 1200m) 183 12.2 km 38’14.8
0.4 km 38’14.8 (1’06.1)183 12.2 km
3:30pm: Easy shakeout down to Costco grass loop and then 6x barefoot strides on turf. Felt good. Hot and over dressed – getting ready for some warm races! Total run 5M+ in 38′.


Viernes, 21 de Abril, 2017 – 8am: Ran earlier with busy day. Easy out/back on MVN and then to the turf, a bit barefoot and then 10x barefoot strides. Felt good but overheated a lot, over-dressing. Total run 10M+ in 71’.

XT: Back/hips.

2pm: Early run over to GSM. Got caught in a pop-up shower right as I was leaving so got soaked for about the first 5 minutes, then it was nice and sunny. In the upper 70s, so not too bad. Good light session with Terrel and then home and ice bath and walk to the airport! Next stop ORLAAAAANDOOOOOO. Total run 7M-.

Sabado, 22 de Abril, 2017 – 9am: Got into Orlando late last night but slept well. Easy run from hotel on the loop they provided (~3M). Good to shake out the legs after a lot of cramped airplane time yesterday. Total run 10M in 70’.

11am: Ran back from the expo (much quicker than the bus ride there!). Felt very good. Finished with 6x strides and about 400m steady at a good effort (garmin said about 3’05, but who knows). Ready to go tomorrow. Total run 6M+ in 40’.

Domingo, 23 de Abril, 2017 – Sparknotes: DisneyWorld Half Marathon – 2nd Place, 69’39. 73F, 90+% humidity. Out aggressively (15’55) and then hung on through about 10M (52’) and then jogged it in to save for next weekend when I realized I wasn’t going to catch first.

4:45am: 2:30am wake up call for 5:30am start. Managed to get in bed around 6:30pm and slept decently well after tossing for a while.

Had black coffee and a few animal crackers in the AM – wasn’t very hungry. Took a bus to the start around 4am and got there about 4:30am and got the lay of the land. Kind of a cluster-fk with a ton of people and a very regimented start which involved navigating lots of hoards of joggers to get to the front of the race. Jogged about 4km in the corral, checked my gear, and got to the line and then had to stand for almost 20 minutes.

Honestly was expecting to win here and was surprised with how aggressively the race went out, with Brazilian Nascimento (later learned to be about 30’00 10K guy) charging to the lead right away, first 3km in 3’16, 3’11, 3’05 coming to 5K in 15’46 (15’55 according to the timing mat).

I knew this was quite quick given the conditions (73F and 90% humidity at the start) and I honestly figured he would blow up spectacularly and I would easily pull away in the second half. But he maintained a relatively steady pace (he was looking at his watch a lot) and as we ran through the first them park around 8km he put a few second on me (the path was really winding and broke up the rhythm, I tried to stay relaxed and figured I’d catch him on the road on the other side). But after that, he actually accelerated and I couldn’t quite close the gap (or just didn’t do it in time) and before I knew it that few seconds had swelled to about 15 seconds at 10K and would only grow from there on.

I made an attempt to keep my effort consistent until about 15km at which point I could see he was very far ahead and it would be difficult to catch him without an impolision on his part (which I still wasn’t ruling out). But, given that I had another race in 6 days to consider, I really eased back on the gas and stayed relaxed and coasted in for 2nd. Ran the last 6km quite slow, but finished not feeling too bad and ran a nice little 6km cooldown back to the hotel.

Overall, it was a pretty fun race experience – obviously would have been a lot nicer to win, but can’t control what random 30-flat guys show up. A good effort with basically 10 miles at MP in very tough conditions. Also pretty cool to run through the parks at night, etc. Racing myself into shape here – we’ll see if I can maintain that sub 2h18 pace for another 16 miles next month!

Total run 32km+, 20M.


Time Split HR Rep
1 km 3’16.0 (3’16.0) 165
2 km 6’26.6 (3’10.6) 177
3 km 9’31.2 (3’04.6) 179
4 km 12’38.3 (3’07.1) 179
5 km 15’45.7 (3’07.4) 178 (15’45.7)
6 km 18’57.4 (3’11.7) 178
7 km 22’09.2 (3’11.8) 177
8 km 25’27.5 (3’18.3) 177
9 km 28’38.6 (3’11.1) 177
10 km 31’54.7 (3’16.1) 176 (16’09.0)
11 km 35’05.1 (3’10.4) 177
12 km 38’20.9 (3’15.8) 177
13 km 41’39.7 (3’18.8) 176
14 km 44’59.0 (3’19.3) 174
15 km 48’19.4 (3’20.4) 174 (16’24.7)
16 km 51’51.3 (3’31.9) 172
17 km 55’24.0 (3’32.7) 172
18 km 58’46.1 (3’22.1) 174
19 km 1’02’20.0 (3’33.9) 174
20 km 1’05’41.4 (3’21.4) 177 (17’22.0)
21 km 1’09’06.2 (3’24.8) 176
21.19 km 1’09’39.6 (0’33.4) 175

PM: Made the most of the (very long) day. Back to the hotel, shower, back to the race for awards, then a full day at MGM Studios to get my roller coaster and tower of terror on with Brett and Nire who were kind enough to make the trip down. A very fun day and made it home and in bed by midnight. Phew!