Weekly Summary – 97 miles in 13 runs. An extremely exhausting week. A planned “recovery” day trip to the mountains turned into the most trying 36 hours of my life as I had to take control and help evacuate a friend who had taken a bad fall. Made it back to Boston after that and have been catching up on sleep and easy running. Looking forward to some real recovery this week.

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Lunes, 28 de Enero, 2019 – 09:30am: Slept well and long last night after easy trip home from MIA. Ran easy at before leaving w/ Jorge for Cayambe. Nice and slow to the park and then two big laps (17’10, 17’03) and three quarter lap to the park. Did drills and then 6x strides in 2’14 and then 200m in 32.2. Finshed easy around the park and then home. Total run 15.5km in 70’.

XT: Glutes (7x weights)

PM: OFF, planned. Traveled from Quito to Cayambe Refugio (4600m). Left a bit later than planned as Jorge and I had to grab some stuff in the city before left and then took about 3 hours to drive there, including a brief stop in what I assume was Cayambe town where a massive rain/hail storm passed over us. Arrived around 17:00. Packed up gear, split up some of the weight, and then had dinner around 18:30 and went to bed right after. Weather was looking good. Fingers crossed that it stays that way for the next 24 hours or so!

Martes, 29 de Enero, 2019 – Sparknotes: The most physically and mentally trying day of my life thus far. 23 hours on my feet in the mountains but managed to get Jorge and me down safely after his fall.

Working on writing this out. I may or may not publish it.

Miercoles, 30 de Enero, 2019 – 12:25pm: Got back from yesterday’s mis-adventure around 07:30am to Greg’s place having slept a couple hours in the car since 02:00 on Tuesday. Slept for maybe 2 hours and then got up, had some coffee, and did some packing. Body pretty sore and tired. Took an uber to drop my rented gear off in the Foch and then jogged from there down to the park. Planned to do more but body was so exhausted. Stopped at the track to do drills and strides but couldn’t even get through drills. Not sure I’ve ever felt this exhausted. Yesterday was an extremely mentally and physically draining day. Total run 7.5km in 37’.

XT: Glutes (10x, 7x weights)

17:20: Slept another 2 hours or so this afternoon. Got up and had some chocolate covered coffee beans to get out the door. Still felt very tired and low energy but better than the AM. Ran 1 big lap in 18’ again and then to the track, did drills and 4x strides in 1’30 (48/42, so much better on the second 2x). After jogged to Inaquito and back to grab some veggies for dinner and then back. Total run 11.5km in 55’.

Jueves, 31 de Enero, 2019 – 06:30am: Up a bit early (06:00) to get in a run before travel day back to Boston. Slept like 10 hours still and felt much better this morning than yesterday. Ran to the park and did 1 big lap (16’42), still slower than usual but so much better energy level than yesterday. Ran over to the track after which was nice, got to see the guys, and did full drills, 2x strides and then 4x500m. Planned to do them running like 75sec 400m pace and then surging the last 1, 2, 3, 400m but legs were pretty doot doot so the surges weren’t very strong. Ran 1’34.6, 1’33,1, 1’31.9, 1’30.1. Rest was 100m+ back to the start in about 55sec. Jogged home after that. Total run 12.5km+ in 53’.

PM: Some jogging through BOG airport as I tried to make my connection, about 2km total.

Brutal day of travel. Got stuck in traffic on the way to UIO but then saw my first flight from UIO-BOG was delayed, so breathed a sigh of relief until, upon check-in, they told me that it was so delayed that I’d miss my BOG connection and would have to take a new route leaving BOG the next morning at 05:00 and connecting through SAL. Ugh! Definitely had to practice some “This is water.”

Decided to gamble and asked if I could get my luggage in BOG and try to make a separate itinerary which I was able to book last minute w/ AA miles from BOG-MIA-BOS which would be tight as I’d have to get my bags, clear passport control and customs, and re-check on AA once I got to BOG. On the phone w/ Mr C and AA in the UIO lounge but finally decided to just book it and hope for the best.

BOG flight ended up landing even a bit early so I was able to run (literally) through BOG airport, get my bags, get through customs, get out of the airport, find the AA check-in desk, re-check my bags, and then make my way back into the airport through a very long emmigration and security line, and finally run all the way down the 100km long terminal to my departing gate. I even had a few minutes to spare.

From there it was pretty smooth sailing – nice flight BOG-MIA and then had a couple hours in MIA so was able to go to the centurion lounge (which just happened to re-open yesterday – my luck changing finally!) and good a good meal and a couple drinks. My flight MIA-BOS was fairly empty and I got a whole exit row to myself so was able to lie down across the seats and doze most of the flight.

Finally, got to BOS around 12:45am and got my bags and was in a lyft on the way home, arriving to the building by about 01:40am but there was no one at the front desk, just a little sign that said “the concierge has stepped out for a minute, brb” or something. So I tried calling Mariana, I banged on the door, I yelled. Waited a long time, maybe 40 minutes before finally a security guy came by and was able to let me into the lobby. Still no sign of the front desk attendant, but I was able to get into the elevator area and up to our floor where Mar had left my key in a shoe. Jesus christ. Long day! In bed around 02:45.

Viernes, 1 de Febrero, 2019 – 11:15am: Welcome back to Boston. Only about 10F and windy this morning, so ran on treadmill. Very tired so slept late as well. Felt awful and planned to only do about 5km and longer in the PM but better once I got into it. Ran mostly around 4’00/km w/ a bit quicker near the end. Stopped and did drills and then 6x 30” at max speed (only 3’07) and then 400m @ 75. Total run 14km+ in 57’.

XT: Glutes, 10x 7x weights

17:15: Second run on treadmill – haven’t left the building yet since arriving. Easy 30’ w/ pace down to 4’00 or so. Finished w/ 4x 30” surges. Total run 7km in 29’.

Sabado, 2 de Febrero, 2019 – Sparknotes: 10x 200m @ 32.5, 100m @ 28.1 rec. Total 2.9km @ 3’19.2.

09:00: Ran very easy w/ Mar over to BU to get in some running on the indoor track. Cold around 15F when we left and felt really terrible. Not sure if it’s just the cold or what but running like 5’00/km over there and felt awful.

About 4km to the track and then went inside and ran in shorts and singlet and felt much better. Meet was supposed to start at 11am so there were already a decent amount of people there but not too disruptive. Was able to jog around the outside fairly easily and felt good. Ran the last 800m on the track at same effort to get a sense of pace and ran 2’55 (3’38 pace). Stopped and did drills (in spikes) and then 2x strides before doing a light workout. (about 45’ of easy running at this point.

Wanted to do 5-10x200m at goal 5K pace w/ short rest (100 jog). Ran the first one in 32.5 and then ran every one after that in 32.x Felt really good on these surprisingly. Rest was <30 seconds but no problem. Muscularly it felt good – didn’t seem to get much harder if at all.

Didn’t really have any higher gear though, as I tried to run the last 2x a bit harder and only ran 32.3, 31.9. Good to get some running on the track, though, as it definitely does take some getting used to. Will probably try a good workout on Monday.

Cooled down short and then outside to run back to Mariana’s folks house where we were having brunch.

Total run 14km+ in 57’.

200 m (0’32.5) 0’32.5
100 m (0’29.3) 1’01.8
200 m (0’32.9) 1’34.7
100 m (0’28.0) 2’02.7
200 m (0’32.4) 2’35.1
100 m (0’27.9) 3’03.0
200 m (0’32.5) 3’35.5
100 m (0’27.5) 4’03.0
200 m (0’32.9) 4’35.9
100 m (0’28.6) 5’04.5
200 m (0’32.3) 5’36.8
100 m (0’26.6) 6’03.4
200 m (0’32.3) 6’35.7
100 m (0’27.6) 7’03.3
200 m (0’32.7) 7’36.0
100 m (0’25.6) 8’01.6
200 m (0’32.3) 8’33.9
100 m (0’31.8) 9’05.7
200 m (0’31.9) 9’37.6

15:15: Ran easy from Newbury St. back home. A bit windy but warmer in the 20s than the AM. Felt okay. Stopped at trader joes and ran back w/ 2 loaves of bread and a roll of bagels which was a bit awkward the last 1km+. Stopped in the gym and did last 1.5km on treadmill w/ 3×30” surge and then 400m in 75. Total run 8km++ in 34’45.

XT: Pedestal, 8’, 7x weights, 1kg hands.

Domingo, 3 de Febrero, 2019 – 11am: Slept very late and long, until 09:30! Thought it was like 08:00. Still recovering from last week I guess.

Ran outside as it was warmer today, in the mid 30s and not windy at all. Ran normal chuck loop. Slower first 5km and then around 4’0x/3’5x for the rest. Felt pretty decent once I got moving. Finished at track and did drills and then 6x strides in 1’59 (very quick for here! 1’20 for 4x strides was my benchmark for feeling really good on strides in the fall) and then 200m very easy in 34.1. Easy lap around the grass which is clear enough and then home. Total run 16km+ in 65’.

XT: Glutes, 7x weights

16:15: Easy run around the fields. Nice that it’s still clear. Fingers crossed we don’t get dumped on in the next 9 days. Each lap is around 850m according to garmin. Did 6x laps and then over to the track. Stopped for drills and then 4x strides in 1’19. Finished easy home. Total run 7km+ in 28’30.