Weekly Summary – 76 Miles in 10 runs. Another busy but fun week with the STRIVE high schoolers on the ground. Snuck in a light fartlek and then had the best track workout I’ve ever run in Pisac as a tuneup for the STRIVE mile. Extremely sick the day before the race but rallied well and ran a new CR of 4’28.1 and split 58.1 on the 400m relay which is pretty good for a slow, old marathoner like me.

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Lunes, 23 de Julio, 2018 – Sparknotes: 5km of 100m/100m fartlek on track in 16’50.

07:15am: Slow out/back on Taray rd w/ HSers and Cal. Total run 12.5km in 61’.

13:45: Had a small amount of free time so snuck in a little workout. Jogged <1km to the track, very light drills, and then did 5km (lane 3) of 100m/100m fartlek. Started out agressively but settled around 81-82s. Finished last 600m in 1’55. Total work 16’50 for 5K. Jogged back 1km slow.

17:00 Ran w/ EG VERY Slow out/back on river rd. Not too muddy but wow very slow. Total run 7.5km in 50’.

Martes, 24 de Julio, 2018 – 07:45: Ran w/ Cal out/back on Taray Rd. Felt pretty good and moving well 4’10s after the first 5K. Finished w/ 4x strides.

Total run 16km- in 69’.

16:30: Ran very slow w/ Cal and some of the HS girls to start. About 30’ w/ them and then down to the track to tack on a few km there quicker. Finished w/ 4x good strides on track. Total run 11km in 56’.

Miercoles, 25 de Julio, 2018 -Sparknotes: 5x1000m @ 3’03 avg, w/ surge the last 0, 100, 200, 300, 400 (90-2’ jog), 5x400m @ 66.8 avg (1’ rec), 5x200m @ 30.5 avg (1’ rec)

07:00: Fantastic workout. Did this one last year but only did 4x1K and 4×4 and no 200s. Ran everything MUCH faster and more of it. Didn’t have quite as much on the surges in the 1Ks as I would have liked, but clearly the huge strength is there. 5x400m at sub 67 up here is no joke either. Really great session. And great to have help – Mike ran the first 400m of each of the 1000s around 75 w/ me and Calp helped w/ the surges and then we all ran the 400s and 200s. We’re FIT.

16:30: Slow jog w/ HSers et al. out/back on river rd. Nice to shakeout after the big session this AM. 4x strides to finish. Total run 10km in 52’.

1000 m (3’06.5) – steady
rec m (1’31.0)
1000 m (3’03.9) – surge last 100m ~16-17sec
rec m (1’33.0)
1000 m (3’04.4) – surge last 200m (2’31.x/33.x)
rec m (2’04.0)
1000 m (3’03.4) – surge last 300m
rec m (2’05.0)
1000 m (2’57.9) – surge last 400m (1’51.x/66.x)
rec m (2’00.0)
400 m (1’08.4)
rec m (1’01.0)
400 m (1’07.0)
rec m (1’00.0)
400 m (1’05.9)
rec m (1’03.0)
400 m (1’06.7)
rec m (1’09.0)
400 m (1’05.9)
rec m (2’00.0)
200 m (0’30.8)
rec m (1’00.0)
200 m (0’30.8)
rec m (0’57.0)
200 m (0’31.2)

Jueves, 26 de Julio, 2018 – – 7:15am: Jogged down to the track w/ the HS group and led their workout. About 3km warmup and then drills as a group and a couple strides. I rabbitted the boys run which was 2x200m, 2x400m, 2x200m (in lane 1, so short) w/ 200m jog. We ran 37,37, 75, 72, 34, 33. Very good. Paced Nic for 1M at 5’43 after (again lane 1, so short) and then cooled down, did some photos for Belami, and tacked on w/ Katie. Total run 8km++ in 39’.

12pm: Mid-day run w/ Calvin. Beautiful, sunny, and warm. Ran shirtless and in shorts for the majority. Felt great. Longer out/back on River Rd. 7km out at 4’24 and back quicker. Stopped and did 4x strides and then easy back to Chaska. Total run 14.5km in 61’.

16:30pm: Triple today – ran w/ Will easy out/back on River Rd. post strive-center. Felt pretty tired but controlled, out in 5’00 pace, back around 4’50. No strides. Total run 6km++ in 30’.

XT: Nic and I crushed our first 3 games in the STRIVE spikeball tournament. I’m still undefeated. Heart of a champion.

Viernes, 27 de Julio, 2018 – 07:45: Easy morning w/ Cal out/back on Taray Rd. Moving well on the way back, last few km 4’0x-3’53. Total run 16km in 69’.

PM: Mt Doom hike. Left around 10:20am and hiked up to the summit and then over to the dam where Hector met us and drove us down. Lovely day and really nice to have the van-ride down and not have to walk all the way.

Sabado, 28 de Julio, 2018 – SICK DAY! No fun. Probably could have run in the PM but no point as I felt wrecked in the morning and spent a lot of the day in bed.

Domingo, 29 de Julio, 2018 – Sparknotes: STRIVE Mile – 1st, 4’28.1 (CR) and 3x400m relay (split 58.1)

12pm: STRIVE Field day! Very busy day and lots of time standing around in the hot sun. Overall a very sucessful day w/ about 50 kids that showed up.

Warmed up short only about 2km, strides, and 200m due to time. Ran in 119s. Race was 100% solo. Calvin got dropped before 800m and never led a step and I won comfortably by about 6 seconds. Splits were 67, 67, 69, 65. Thought I could run a good bit quicker (maybe 4’24) but given that I barely ate anything the day before yesterday due to being sick I was very pleased.

Didn’t pace the women’s mile this year as no one wanted a rabbit so had maybe 15-20 minutes of staying loose and then ran the anchor leg of the 3x400m relay. Split 58.1 which is not bad for me – about the same as last year.

Did a long cooldown w/ the intern gang. Some tension but overall good.

Total run 18km in 77’.